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The Sneaker Club Preschool

Our Curriculum

The Sneaker Club preschool curriculum follows the Jordan School District checklist: What your child should know before kindergarten.

Field Trips & Parties

The Sneaker Club kids have many opportunities throughout the school year to visit fun places that support curriculum themes or that reinforce lessons.


The parents of our students have access to monthly calendars that provide lesson themes, activities, reading schedules, and alphabet progress.


At the Sneaker Club we offer 3 different class levels. View a complete breakdown of what we offer as far as age, day of the week, and reading level.

About Us

The Sneaker Club Preschool
The Sneaker Club Preschool offers the perfect balance of fun, friendship and learning.

When a child feels good about himself/herself, when he/she is beginning to care for his/her friends, when he/she is having fun, he/she will soar with academics. We are committed to helping every child do his/her best and to laugh and learn everyday. We believe in positive reinforcement so the children feel confident as they learn and try new things.

Sneaker Club Mission Statement: To provide a safe and positive environment where friendships and fun are fostered, patience and encouragement are customary, imaginative play and exploration are frequent, learning and skill-building are enjoyed, and where empowering confidence and self-image are the ultimate result that will carry children into their primary school years and beyond.

We offer four 3 year old classes, two pre-K classes for students who turn 4 by September 1, and two pre-K classes for students who turn 4 by January 1 or who already know their letters and sounds. The older pre-K class will follow a similar curriculum to the younger pre-K class, but will move at a faster pace according to each child’s level. COME JOIN THE CLUB!!

Our Philosophy

The years before entering kindergarten are immeasurably crucial to the level of confidence and the developmental patterns that will carry the child throughout life. I love to teach preschool for this reason. I believe each year of preschool should begin with encouraging the children to feel good about who they are as individuals and I foster this by using abundant positive reinforcement. As children gain self confidence, they learn to be comfortable in social settings and learn to be caring and interesting friends to their peers. Learning to be kind, to share, and to respect friends is important in the development of a child.

In my years of teaching, I have come to know that learning is only effective for pre-schoolers insomuch as it is fun and I strive to maintain the flexibility and perceptiveness to alter and adapt lesson plans when the feeling becomes less than enjoyable. The children enjoy being given opportunities to be silly, to share their ideas with the class, and to work hard for tangible, visible achievement. The results are so rewarding and they develop heightened feelings of assurance and an “I Can” attitude. In the preschool setting, when children feel confident in themselves, grow socially by learning to be a friend, and are having a fun experience, their learning soars.
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Jenny Ellermeier

Accelerated 4/5 teacher and preschool director
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Laurie Armstrong

4 year old teacher
Laurie has 4 children and is a talented artist!
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AJ Reyna

4 year old teacher!
AJ has 4 children of her own and is very compassionate!
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Cassie Dalton

Accelerated 4 year old teacher
Cassie has 2 boys and her preschoolers always have fun!
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Amber Bennett

3 year old teacher
Amber has 2 boys and is super patient!
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Bethany Mitchell

3 year old teacher
Bethany has 5 children of her own and cares about her preschoolers as her own!
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Meleah Gearig

3 year old teacher
Meleah is our youngest teacher and her preschoolers love her and her sweetness!


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