Field Trips and Parties


The Sneaker Club kids have many opportunities throughout the school year to visit fun places that support curriculum themes or that reinforce lessons we are learning about seasons, community, and culture. During calendar time, we love to count the days until the next field trip or party. The students enjoy looking forward to something exciting each month almost as much as they enjoy the events themselves.


Ice Cream Party! This party will be held at the end of the month to show off our classrooms and to provide an opportunity for parents to meet each other.


The Fire Station field trip is at the beginning of the month. The Cornbelly’s field trip is the week of Halloween! The Halloween party is usually on Halloween or the day before, giving Sneaker Club kids a chance to show off their costumes!


Each class will do a Thanksgiving Feast, dressed as Pilgrims and Indians and do a small program at the end of class for the parents, held in their own classrooms.


Short field trip to the North Pole mailbox. Field trip to visit an elderly home as part of our giving lesson. Holiday party! Each class will have donuts and hot chocolate and get to wear their PJs.


Play in the Snow Day!


Valentines party! Bring in Valentine’s and a treat for each friend. Field trip to the bakery!


Dr. Seuss week! St. Patricks party! A leprechaun usually makes a visit to our classrooms when we are not looking:).  Field trip to the Dinosaur museum.


Easter Egg hunt and party! Field trip to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point.


Muffins with Moms/Dads! Field trip to the zoo! Last week of school-Water Day, Summer theme, End of the year party and programs.